Bitcoin (BTC) To Surpass Gold’s Market Cap Beyond 2021, Says Morgan Creek Founder

Bitcoin (BTC)’s value has been rising a lot this year ever since the bulls came back to the crypto space back in April.

On the other hand, according to the latest reports, most banks and financial institutions “cower in fear of recession and inflation,” as Smartereum puts it.

Crypto analysts and experts have really positive and optimistic predictions for the most important crypto in the market these days.

There’s been also a supposition that says we will be able to see BTC reaching $30k really soon.

BTC maintains its stable nature in the middle of the financial storm

It’s extremely important to note the fact that BTC has a stable nature and this is maintained even in the fact of the financial storm that made other cryptos fall or stagnate.

BTC has also been reportedly attracting the interest of more investors.

Smaretreum writes that they predict BTC to reach $100k by 2021, and they seem to base their forecast on studying the patterns that have previously occurred.

It’s also essential to remember the fact that the BTC halving is coming up is 2020, and analysts believe that the event will push the price even more until it hits $100,000 for Bitcoin.

Also, crypto analysts believe that the fiscal policy that developed countries are implementing is also helpful for the most important crypto in the market.

This could reportedly aid BTC’s hope to achieve massive growth.

Mark Yusko says BTC will surpass $100k

The online magazine cites data from Bitcoin News Today found that the founder of Morgan Creek Digital said during an interview with Bloxlive TV that BTC’s price could boost beyond $100k.

Mark Yusko reportedly bases his prediction on the fact that BTC would become more valuable than gold soon.

Smartereum writes that this particular crypto prediction might not be so far-fetched.

Yusko believes that the value of gold will be depreciating over time as more and more people turn to crypto, and this trend will definitely continue in the near future.

“Past records show a pattern that anytime Bitcoin BTC rises beyond the $10,000 mark, it continues to soar and pass the $20,000 level. If this trend is to be believed, then the present $13,000 mark that Bitcoin BTC currently holds will only be a stepping stone to higher heights,” Smartereum writes.



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