Bitcoin, EOS, And Monero Look Bullish These Days – DefCon 27 Last Day 

The market is showing signs of fresh buyers and Bitcoin, EOS, and Monero entered the green zone within the past days.

At the moment of writing this article, the most important coins are trading in the red on CMC and only EOS is green.

OurBitcoinNews writes that “If a proper climb is initiated by BTC, altcoins will follow suit. As pace gets better with time, BTC will have a better possibility of scratching the mark at $15,000.”

The online publication continues and says that “The daily RSI is presently at 67.02, if it breaks the level at 70, Bitcoin will be in overbought territory. This may trigger a price surge.”

Regarding Monero’s price, the privacy-oriented coin is priced above $91. It seems that XMR found support above $90 which is definitely a great sign.

Experts are expecting to see XMR surpassing $100 soon.

Monero DEFCON 27 event

These days, the Monero community is enjoying an important event as we reported a while ago.

The DEFCON 27 is a prestigious event which brings together ethical hackers from across the whole world.

We suggest that you check out the latest updates of Monero Village via Twitter.

The event lasts until tomorrow, and you can check the schedule on the official website.

Privacy is a basic right

During a recent interview with Rice Crypto which is a famous YouTube channel which highlights cryptos, Riccardo Spagni addressed the need for privacy for people who use digital assets to make transactions.

OurBitcoinNews notes that Spagni mentioned Tari which “is a decentralized assets protocol that is going to be built on top of Monero”. Project Coral Reef is an initiative which allows XMR transactions in “50 great online stores”

Monero has been in the spotlight a lot this year and more investors are starting to find XMR as one of the best investments options for the future.


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