Cardano was recently in the spotlight when it’s been revealed that it’s preparing for a crypto push with a wallet upgrade and the latest partnership with COTI.

COTI is a blockchain protocol that is powering crypto payments for merchants, Dapps such as online games, and also stablecoin issuers. It’s working on an enterprise level.

Users will get the ability to shop online using Cardano’s ADA in order to make daily purchases.

Cardano announced ‘Pay with Ada’, “a new platform under development for merchants.”

Crypto mainstream adoption has been one of the biggest goals for 2019, and a lot of moves that have been made in the crypto space have been leading the industry in the right direction.

A prototype of a self-checkout system using Cardano is in the works

Now, the blockchain research and development company Quanterall shows off a prototype of a self-checkout system that uses Cardano. The blockchain allows users to send, receive, and spend ADA.

The application is a real-world use case that is designed for everyday consumers at shops and grocery stores.

This allows people to buy items at the store without the need for a cashier, and instead, customers will be interacting with a POS device.

According to the company, you will simply take the items off the shelf and then scan the barcodes of the products by using your smartphone with the app.

After scanning and weighting your item, you can select ADA as the payment method and continue with the checkout.

After the transaction is complete, you will receive a paper receipt that’s generated by the POS device.

Check out a demo in the video above.

ADA in the crypto market

Regarding ADA’s price, the coin is currently trading in the green, and it’s priced at $0.043152.

All the important coins in the crypto market are trading in the green today.

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