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Cardano (ADA) to be one of the Best Investments of 2018 Thanks to Main Nets

Cardano’s price seemed to be going downhill for a short amount of time and crypto enthusiasts and investors began questioning the platform considering that the coin’s price was retracing back to its initial ICO price. The coin hit an all-time high back in January when it was priced at $1.30 and then it fell down again. Since its low value in March, the crypto’s valued tripled. April marked great gains for most of the market’s significant coins and Cardano was one of the month’s winners.

Cardano made an important name for itself in the market

Cardano is one of the most advanced blockchain platforms and became one of the most well-known open-source projects. A lot of expert voices have been saying that Cardano is set to become a dominant force in the market in 2018.

Even if we are in the early stages of the blockchain revolution and we can only imagine where things will stay in the future, more and more expert opinions claim that Cardano is definitely one of the best crypto investments. Form its very beginning, the crypto challenged itself to do everything that Ethereum does but better and it was successful.

Interest in Cardano is growing thanks to 2 Main Nets & Goguen project

IOHK, Cardano’s development team introduces network updates and a wallet. The upcoming months will bring two Test Nets: K-EVM Cardano’s first Testate which will become operational on May 28 and the IELE VM Test Net which will be launched sometime during the third quarter of 2018. Both Test Nets will be deployed in order to boost the Goguen project which is one of the two core projects of the IOHK developing body.

The project’s target is to provide smart contract facilities for the blockchain and will function after the launch of the two Test Nets. Guguen is set to deliver side chains and allow users to transfer their digital assets between two blockchains without the need of third parties.

Cardano will soon release a new proof-of-stake algorithm the Ouroboros Genesis

Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson, says that this development will be one of Cardano’s most significant achievements. With the Ouroboros Genesis, new users can “bootstrap from the genesis block and do not need a checkpoint block or any prior knowledge of the number of users active in the system.”

Such a thing was not possible in proof of stake distributed ledgers, and this makes the feature a genuine turning point in the technology.

All signs and achievements point to a bright future for Cardano.

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