Cardano decided to address some fake news that’s been circulating online these days about the project.

It involves the alleged offering of crypt credit cards, and Cardano posted the following message on Twitter:

The community was grateful for the team’s clarification on the matter.

Cardano addresses fake news

The Cardano Foundation posted an entire note on the matter in order to address the fake news.

“It has come to the Cardano Foundation’s attention that reports are circulating on several news outlets regarding an alleged US$340 million funding round and associated cryptocurrency credit card for Cardano (ADA). These reports are categorically false,” the note begins.

They continue and reveal the outlets that presented the fake news and said that “The Cardano Foundation has contacted the original distribution source of the article, requesting its immediate removal.”

Cardano Foundation also made sure to highlight the following: “No Cardano related news will ever be distributed through media outlets unless it first appears in Cardano’s official sources, and all official communications will contain the contact details of a relevant source at the Cardano Foundation, EMURGO, or IOHK.”

We recommend that you check out the complete notes in order to learn more details about the subject.

Someone came up with another interesting finding that was worth bringing up:

In other news, Cardano has been making headlines due to all the right reasons lately.

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