Cardano News: IOHK Releases New Notes On Staking

Cardano News: IOHK Releases New Notes On Staking

IOHK recently released new interesting and exciting notes about staking.

Check out the Twitter post that the team behind the project shared:

“As a project, decentralization remains arguably our most important and fundamental goal for Cardano. Protocols and parameters provide the foundations for any blockchain,” the blog post begins.

The post continues and notes that “Last week, we outlined some of the planned changes around Cardano parameters and how these will impact the staking ecosystem and thus accelerate our decentralization mission. Yet the community itself – how it sees itself, how it behaves, and how it sets common standards – is a key factor in the pace of this success.”

Anyway, we suggest that you head over to the original post and check out all the available notes.

Other than this, Cardano has been making various headlines these days due to their achievements that push decentralization for the project.

Cardano Foundation CEO Fred Gregaard addresses future of blockchain

Cardano Foundation CEO Fred Gregaard is featured in a new interview in which he’s detailing all kinds of interesting things about the blockchain and the future of the tech:

Cardano Foundation dropped a message on Twitter, showing the team’s gratitude to him:

The feedback was positive with people in the community praising him as well.




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