At the beginning of this month,  Charles Hoskinson re-tweeted news from Yoroi Wallet that made the Cardano community excited.

Check out the post below:

The news was received with maximum enthusiasm by the Cardano community and people offered their positive feedback in the comments.

EMURGO announces new Yoroi progress update video

Now, EMURGO also another exciting announcement that they made on Twitter:

Someone said: “Exciting times, have been with Cardano since the beginning and I could see it being a major staple of the cryptocurrency world for years to come.”

Another follower posted this message: “Thanks for the update Sebastien and all your hard work, keep up the great work and am looking forward to the new Yoroi functionality, being able to convert my Byron wallet to a Shelley wallet, and then being able to stake my ADA.”

Someone else wrote this on YouTube: “Thank you for all your team’s hard work Sebastian, keep up the good hard workmate, you’re nearly there.”

Another YouTube user said: “Thanks for the fast update due to the long … wait to be out of maintenance mode. This is pretty concerning funds being locked up for weeks. What if we needed ada for payments and were stranded because we primarily used ada in the future.”

Make sure to check out the video above in order to learn all the details about the Yoroi update.

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