Cardano News: Now Is The Best Time To Buy ADA, According To A Technical Indicator

Cardano (ADA)’s price seems to be oscillating these days, but on the other hand, is also had a stable turn when it was able to cross the $0.080 mark.

Smartereum notes that this was seen as a massive improvement for a crypto that has been regarded as the “underdog” in the industry, as they put it.

Cardano price predictions

Cardano is mostly popular for its stand on quality and blockchain principles, according to the same online publication mentioned above.

The team is a major player in the dApp sector, and the Cardano platform is seen as among the best in the industry.

Smartrereum notes that there’s a strong possibility that ADA can rise to $0.1 soon, just in the next few days.

They say that there’s also the possibility that ADA can surpass its highest value of $0.106 during the next few months.

They reveal that according to most analysts’ opinion, there will be a further rise in the value of ADA and the catalysts will be the partnerships that Cardano has entered recently.

Now is the best time to buy ADA

Overall, it’s believed that the price of ADA will soon mirror all the Cardano achievements.

According to Smartereum, there are pretty high hopes that Cardano price may reach $0.3 before the end of this year.

“This will be a welcomed development as presently, Cardano price has been in a bullish triangle when traded against Bitcoin BTC,” they note.

The online publication continues and explains that there’s a technical indicator which shows that we can expect optimistic moves in the price of ADA:

“The Relative Strength Index or RSI for Cardano shows it in an oversold zone. Records show that the RSI for Cardano falls into the oversold zone when the price has been in a bullish triangle.”

Their conclusion is that now is definitely the best time to invest in ADA.




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