Cardano News: This Is What Will Bring ADA To Millions Of People

Cardano continues to make headlines these days amidst a lot of achievements involving the project.

New update on Goguen’s launch

EMURGO, which is Cardano’s corporate branch, just offered an update on the launch of Goguen and the implications that this will have for the whole ecosystem.

Goguen is one of the most important milestones for the development of Cardano.

It’s important to note the fact that the new functionalities will make Cardano more accessible to users.

“This phase will introduce many new and exciting features – most notably smart contracts, which will open up a lot more tangible opportunities of development for both developers and enterprises wanting to leverage Cardano’s blockchain network,” according to the official notes.

The blog post continues and reveals that “This will also enable the Cardano community as well as businesses to use their creativity to develop valued services and solutions.”

Cardano to become one of the most secure platforms

It’s been also revealed that Goguen will bring one of the most expected features, smart contracts, and also the development of Dapps on Cardano.

More than that, Goguen will introduce the multiple asset ledger that will be allowing the network to host new native tokens. These can be used with the Dapps to build DeFi projects.

EMURGO said that Cardano would become one of the most secure platforms to build protocols, apps, and DeFi to attract new users.

Check out the original article from Crypto News Flash and also the blog post from EMURGO in order to learn all the available details.

New post about Marlowe is out

In other recent news, IOHK just released a new post about Marlowe, and the team made the announcement on Twitter as well.

Check out the recent post on social media below:

Stay tuned for more Cardano news.

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