Cardano is working hard day and night for their projects, and Charles Hoskinson always makes sure to keep fans updated on social media.

Here’s the latest post that he shared on Twitter about the Yoroi wallet.

Yoroi wallet noted this on their Twitter account: “The extension should automatically update to 3.1.1, but sometimes it can take a day or two for Chrome to auto-update. You can manually force Chrome to check for updates if you don’t want to wait.”

A follower asked: “Hi Charles. I have a question. Imagine every one delegate all the #ADA they have. What will happen for the supply and demand? Will the #ADA that we delegated be re-entered into the market by the pools like the way banks do with our deposit?”

Cardano Foundation answered the following: “The ADA you delegate never leaves your wallet so no… if I understand your question.”

Someone else praised Sebastien, following Hoskinson’s post and wrote this: “Sebastien is a great guy, this is why we need people who care with this project and community, ppl that are willing to take a challenge and dont give up until is finished.”

Cardano devs have the highest activity on GitHub in July-August

In other news, it’s been revealed that the Cardano developers had the highest activity on GitHub:

Herald Sheets notes that “The daily activities of blockchain developers on Github between July and August 2020 and other possible measures were used as factors to rank several blockchain projects, where Cardano came notably on top, followed by Kusama and Ethereum.”

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