Content creators and XRP enthusiasts are receiving great news.

Coil just revealed that it would be launching a brand new live video streaming platform that’s called Cinnamon.

It will be integrated with the Interledger Protocol which is also known as ILP.

Content creators can monetize their content with XRP

With the help of Cinnamon, the content creators will have the ability to monetize their content with XRP.

The official announcement also said that “The #XRP ecosystem is ever growing and expanding. Developed on the @Coil platform, @CinnamonVideo is the first ever video streaming platform that allows content creators to get paid by viewers without third-party services. #blockchain, #InternetofValue, #Xpring.”

“Self-sustaining economy”

Smartereum writes that the platform is fitting flawlessly into Coil’s first product which has a flat-rate subscription.

Cinnamon will be allowing consumers to support the favorite creators, and also regulate the number of ads that they watch, and more features.

The online publication reported that “The Coil platform is built on an open API system called Web Monetization and it makes real-time payments possible. Websites, through this API, can securely reward those who enable their web monetization feature. It creates a self-sustaining economy.”

Great feedback from the Ripple community

The Ripple and XRP community is very excited to get the news, and they shared their opinions on Twitter.

Someone said “I can’t wait to sign up for your video streaming service.  Time to give YouTube some competition!  Congratulations.”

Another person is “Very curious about what tech solution will be used for video encoding, storage & distribution and so on. Looking forward see how it all will work. Exciting times! Break a leg!”

One other supporter is also excited about this news: “Great, can’t wait. Have a few 100 videos to upload, and YouTube needs some competition with what’s is doing to content creators.”

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