Crypto Mass Adoption: Full Crypto Wallet, On Its Way To iPhones

Apple revealed CryptoKit, which is a brand new framework that will be allowing developers to perform cryptographic operations in the most secure and efficient way possible.

The newly added features are suggesting that the iPhone may be soon coming with a native crypto wallet just like Samsung’s Galaxy S 10.

Samsung’s much-awaited Galaxy S 10 has been launched with an integrated crypto wallet.

People found out that the wallet was not supporting Bitcoin as it was initially believed.

On the other hand, the wallet came with support for Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum-based tokens.

Cryptoslate notes that the kit has been quietly revealed on Apple’s website, but it’s scheduled to be unveiled today at the WWDC.

Apple to introduce CryptoKit in the newest OS

WWDC is currently underway, and all eyes are pointed at the latest version of iPhone’s OS. Apple quietly released another essential update for the iOS 12 – CryptoKit.

Apple’s official post reveals the following details:

Use Apple CryptoKit to perform common cryptographic operations:

  • Compute and compare cryptographically secure digests.
  • Use public-key cryptography to create and evaluate digital signatures, and to perform key exchange. In addition to working with keys stored in memory, you can also use private keys stored in and managed by the Secure Enclave.
  • Generate symmetric keys, and use them in operations like message authentication and encryption.”

Apple introduces the BTC symbol on their icon set

There’s been more exciting info regarding Apple and crypto because it was revealed that the tech giant has incorporated BTC’s symbol on their icon set.

Mass adoption of BTC is happening now

All these latest moves that have been taking place in the crypto space, and all the tech giants getting involved with crypto only mean one thing: that mass adoption is happening as we speak.

Just a while ago, Microsoft added Bitcoin as a payment currency in Excel.

Someone commented on Twitter: “Bitcoin has already become a part of the mass culture and we can not decline this fact. the adoption of this crypto happens now.”

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