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Docademic (MTC): A Good ICO To Consider As The Market Dips

Imagine a world where everyone has access to equaly good healthcare without issues of class and status. The Docademic Team has this brilliant idea of using blockchain technology and Human-AI assistance to achive this by providing products and services necessary for the world to transition to a decentralized healthcare system.

John McAfee Tweet on The Docademic App

The MTC stands for Medical Token Currency and has three main functions. MTC will be the crypto token users can pay for products and services on all Docademic platforms. The second use will be as the currency that interacts with the blockchain where Docademic stores patient and healthcare data in. And the third and the most important for the traders, MTC will be tradable on the open crypto markets like any other token.

The project has earned the official approval of John McAfee who claims to have used the Docademic App and gotten connected to a doctor for free advice. The tweet was made on the 16th of February, less than a month ago and before the market started dipping.

This brings me to my argument that as the market starts being volatile again, it is wise to find good ICOs to stash your cryptocurrency investments in. Docademic might be one of those safe ICOs.

So what makes  Docademic a good project to take part in? 

From a financial point of view, there will be 1,000,000,000 MTC tokens. This is a relatively low number when compared with the amount of tokens and coins in other major projects such as Tron (100 Billion Tokens, total supply) and Ripple (99.99 Billion Coins, total supply). This means that the token has a chance of gaining value fast due to demand. The total amount of tokens available for the public sale will be 350 Million. 200 Million will be distributed amongst the team; 150 Million will be distributed amongst the partners of the project; 300 Million will be set aside for the ecosystem of Docademic.

1 MTC is equal to 0.000035 Ethereum (ETH) with a minimum purchase of 0.01 ETH. The presale period was between 5th and 28th February. This period included possible bonuses of up to 50% if you were lucky to buy in early. The public sale of the 350 Million MTC minus the MTC sold during the presale, will be conducted from the 6th of March till the 6th April of this year. There will be no bonus during this period but, it might be a good time to stash away that Ethereum that is gradually losing value in the market due to FUD and continual shaky news. Ethereum is currently trading at $676.

From a technical point of view, the MTC token will be built on Ethereum’s ERC-20 Token standard. But by the second quarter of 2019, Docademic would have created its own blockchain with specific Healthcare industry requirements built in. It will offer sophisticated tools that will be able to provide meaningful and scalable healthcare services on top of the blockchain. As a result, all Docademic services will be migrated to this new blockchain and the existing ERC-20 MTC tokens will be exchanged to the newly created Medical Cryptocurrency (MC) on the Docademic Blockchain.

From the point of view of what has already been done by the Docademic team, they have built a state-of-the-art, high availability, and high performance technology for free accessibility to basic medical healthcare and services. This technology involves an app available on both Android and Apple smart phones. The app is already live and will give medical assistance through one of the platform’s qualified doctors. With the ease of inputting your personal information in the app, you will be able to get more free medical services. The service is currently only available in 20 Latin American countries. This is a tremendous achievement. There is already an available product to benchmark on when making a decision on whether to buy into the ICO.

More detailed information is available on the project’s whitepaper and the tokens can only be bought on their website. In the current times of fake websites and scams, the team carefully advises that the sale is being conducted on

More questions can be directed to their team who are available on their active Telegram Group with an impressive 4,400 members.

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    On every given day over the last month, I can see 5+ ICO being live. Thinking about investment is two fold – short-flip or long-hodl. However, the bugged market makes is very important to find the right ones. I liked the takes on this website –

  • Andrea says:

    MTC will be the crypto token users can pay for products and services on all Docademic platforms. Ethereum is currently trading at $676. From a technical point of view, the MTC token will be built on Ethereum’s ERC-20 Token standard.

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