Ethereum News: ETH Might Receive A Long-Awaited Boost

The crypto market has been extremely volatile these days. While recently the digital assets have been trading mostly in the green, today they are trading in the red, and the prices have dropped considerably.

For instance, BTC fell below the crucial level of $10k.

The moment when BTC was able to surpass this vital level of $10,000 was really important because according to more experts, this would have triggered the FOMO.

Now, despite the high market volatility, ETH was surrounded by optimistic predictions.

For instance, back in August, analyst Nick Patel hosted a poll on Twitter.

He asked for the opinion of the community on whether Ethereum will ever trade over $1,000 or not.

“Over participation of 4000 users, a majority of the answers claimed that the virtual asset would surpass the $1000 valuation again just like in 2017,” the online publication AMBCrypto noted back then.

ETH might get a price boost soon

Ethereum might receive a long-awaited boost that enthusiasts have been rooting for.

The headquarters of BitPay which is in Atlanta and it’s the largest and most popular payment service provider for business owners to accept BTC and BCH as well.

It’s also worth noting that BitPay also supports fiat currencies and a few stablecoins.

On the other hand, the number one selling point of the company is still Bitcoin transactions.

BitPay processes more than $1 billion dollars in BTC on a yearly basis. The company has recently announced its support for BCH.

The number one selling point of the company is still BTC transactions.

BitPay processes more than $1 billion in BTC transactions, according to the latest reports coming from the online publication Smartereum.

It’s been also reported that the company revealed its support for ETH and with this, merchants all over the world will be able to accept payments and process cross-border settlements with ETH.



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