Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin And EOS: ETH Dominates Network Development Activity

About a week ago, we were reporting that over 200k ERC 20 smart contracts have been issued on Ethereum‘s mainnet, and this event marked a massive milestone for the blockchain platform.

Back then, the Daily Hodl noted that Ethereum has witnessed a lot of high-profile developments in its short lifespan.

The platform’s myriad of use cases includes “decentralized finance, gaming platforms, initial coin offerings, digital identity, healthcare, voting, security infrastructure and more,” according to the online publication.

Electric Capital fingerprinted more than 27k repositories

Ethereum is in the spotlight again. Electic Capital which is a crypto management company has just fingerprinted 27,000+ code repositories and 22 million code commits to in order to create a 2019 H1 report on developer activity.

This reportedly shows that about 18% of open source crypto developers work in the Ethereum ecosystem.

This is really important because it means nearly four times more than the number who work in Bitcoin, the second-most productive environment.

Ethereum’s dominance in the development world

This shows Ethereum’s dominance in the development world. During the H1 2019, the decentralized platform had a monthly average of 1,1565 active developers with 1,243 active in June.

According to the reports coming from the Daily Hodl: “That’s leaps ahead of the Bitcoin ecosystem, which had 314 active developers in June – a number almost identical to its June 2018 count. Bitcoin’s overall network value in the first half of 2019, however, was about five times that of Ethereum’s with an estimated $100 billion to $20 billion, respectively.”

EOS, on the other hand, is the third-most active platform with 224 monthly average developers in the H1 2019.

Electric Capital said the following: “A clear early signal for an emerging platform is engagement from developers. Developers build the applications that deliver value to end users and customers, and set off a virtuous cycle attracting more developers.”

Electric Capital is tracking developer adoption as a “leading indicator of where the future value will be created and captured.”

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