ICON continues to remain in the spotlight, and the various projects that the team is working on are “to blame” for this increasing popularity.

ICON aims to hyper connect the world, and they have pretty bold plans on how to do it.

ICON’s Project Nebula

Not too long ago, ICON offered a sneak peek into their Project Nebula. Check out the post that they shared on Twitter back then:

As expected, the team was bombarded with positive feedback from ICON enthusiasts for this project.

Now, the team at ICON drops new details about this exciting work:

The feedback was again a positive one. A follower asked: “Can you give a hint at time frames? 1 year away, 6 months away? Tomorrow?”

The ICON team hopped in the comments and responded with: “We’re aiming to release the full game in Q1 2021, but there’s gonna be stuff happening before that as well for sure.”

ICON will participate in REIMAGINE 2020

In other news, it’s also worth noting that ICON proudly announced the participation in REIMAGINE 2020, which is an original 72-hour live Global Blockchain Conference.

This is a virtual conference and networking event that aims to become an inspiration for the blockchain community.

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