The ICON team just had a meeting in Seoul with the Korean P-Reps, Dapp teams & ICONists.

There were addressed exciting subjects and the ICON enthusiasts also offered the team great feedback on Twitter. Check out the official announcement:

A follower exclaimed: “It was very productive. Thank you for your time!” and someone else said: “That’s so cool! Great to see physical meetings happening again btw.”

Another Twitter user posted this message: “Great job to the organizers of the event! 👏 Hopefully, we will see more events like this worldwide in the future if the health situation permits it. #ICONProject $ICX #ICX.”

ICON weekly report is out

In other news, a few days ago, ICON revealed that their weekly report is out. Check out their post on Twitter to see what’s new.

In terms of pricing, ICON (ICX) is trading in the red today, and the coin is placed on the 48th spot on CMC.

At the moment of writing this article, ICX is trading at $0.308178.

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