ICON has been making headlines a lot along with the firm behind the project, ICONLOOP.

The popularity of both entities has been on the rise for a while now, and this is due to their various achievements and bold plans.

ICON weekly report is out

Now, ICON reveals that their weekly report is out. Check out their post on Twitter to see what’s new.

As always, the feedback from the community was a positive one. A follower tweeted this message:

“Great to see a very low inflation rate. We also see for the very first time a small decrease in the circulation staked %, most likely due to the 3 million ICX (grants) moved from locked to circulating.”

ICON releases MyID update

In other news, it’s been revealed that ICON also released the update for MyID.

In a recent newsletter, it’s been revealed that “The MyID app is in beta and the next important milestone will be integrated with our banking partners over the next couple months.”

It was also reminded to readers that the banking partners in the MyID Alliance are acting as the issuers of the MyID verifiable claims.

“So integration into these banks is critical to the success of the MyID identity product. In simple terms, Banks are the issuers of the KYC’d digital identities through ICONLOOP’s MyID product,” according to the newsletter.

In terms of pricing, ICON (ICX) is trading in the red today, and the coin is placed on the 48th spot on CMC.

At the moment of writing this article, ICX is trading at $0.322466.

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