ICON has been making headlines a lot and the project has been growing in popularity thanks to their achievements and their main goal of interconnecting the world and pushing the mainstream blockchain adoption.

The mass adoption of digital assets and the underlying tech, the blockchain had been one of the main goals that the cyrpto industry has, and there have been a lot of moves made in this direction.

ICON releases video about the ICX’s core tech BTP

ICON released a great video about the core technology of ICX, BTP and you can check it out below:

The feedback following the video was a really positive one for the team.

Someone commented: “Thats the key, the BTP technology, which is a fundamental part of the #ICON network. There are so many good #blockchain projects out there but we’ll need a way to bridge them together. I believe ICON will do this well, especially in South Korea. $ICX.”

A commenter said: “You’re welcome! Your P-Rep team is rocking and doing amazing work for #ICON. Keep up the good work, and you guys have my vote.”

In other news, the team behind the project revealed a new achievement: ICX is included in the top 15 list of LunarCRUSH Galaxy.

The LunarCRUSH platform offers real-time cryptocurrency prices and social data for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 2000 other altcoin and blockchain projects.

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