The ICON team has been revealing all kinds of achievements lately, and that’s why they made headlines a lot, making fans and enthusiasts excited.

Now, they’re back with a shoutout for developers. Check out the message that Markus – ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep posted on his Twitter account:

The announcement got a lot of positive feedback on Twitter.

Here are more details that you might be interested in:

ICON Meetup In Seoul: ICON Grant And Delegation Program

In other news, it’s been recently revealed that ICON had a meetup in Seoul. ICON Grant And Delegation Program are some of the issues that have been addressed during the meeting.

Here are more details that have been shared on social media:

Anyway, other than this, ICX holders are excepting to see some more impressive moves pricewise. They claim that the coin is undervalued.

At the moment f writing this article, ICX is trading in the green, and the digital asset is priced at $0.307878 on CMC.

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