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IOTA (MIOTA) –  has been a big name in crypto for a while now, but has not actually seen the levels of increase in price like some of the other, more popular, altcoins. The hype that Twitter and other social media platforms, as well as the news, has created, is what I would call a false sense of the crypto market. Today, the market changes so rapidly that people can make over one hundred percent increases in a few minutes, but can also lose close to the entirety of what they invested immediately. Although, if you understand the current market, it would be best to choose to keep your investment even at the loss, rather than remove it and actually confirm your loss of fiat. Anyway, the rapid amount of fluctuations in the market can drive an investor wild with the thoughts of “lambos” or “moons” and the fear of loss. So within all of the noise, it is best to find the signal. For me, one of the signals I see within the noise is IOTA. I believe IOTA is a solid rock in the crypto community and because I see and hear many competing opinions about IOTA everyday, I would like to point out a few of the reasons why I think most people don’t like IOTA and share what I think.

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First, IOTA has a very large market cap, which turns people away from it immediately when looking at the world of cryptocurrencies, while trying to discover what to invest into. This has kept the relative value quite low while other platforms like NEO and ICX have begun to rise. Yet on the contrary, IOTA has been very stable, in regards to the crypto market that is, and when it is used widely it will be able to outlast many other coins in the market and we will see it’s value rise. Plus, it can support an extremely large amount of users, which typically, as with blockchain technology, would cause it to slow down. Not IOTA though, it will get faster. This brings me to the second reason I think people don’t like IOTA.

Second, IOTA has it’s own technology, known as Tangle, and this intimidates much of the public because it is not a blockchain. Although, I believe this is one of the main reasons to like IOTA more than the competition. The technology they are developing is different to blockchain technology, yes, but it actually gets faster and more secure with increased use and activity! This should be proof enough that IOTA is gearing up to be one of the best and most reliable networks out there. Lets move on.

Third, IOTA lacks the hype and excitement that has been built up for other altcoins, such as the popular Tron and it’s community of hodlers waiting to buy lambos when it moons. With this said, IOTA actually does a great job marketing and updating the world about it’s mission, more so than even Tron and most of the more popular coins. Unfortunately this backfired on them because they haven’t actually increased in value much, thus leaving the world wondering why it hasn’t risen, which has made the public deduce the concept that it must be because it is not worth anything, which is horribly wrong.

Now, just for good measure, I would like to share that I am fully aware of IOTA’s what I will call, closed loop system, which is strange to many people. I think this is grand idea and I see it as similar to the beginning of Apple computers. Apple is a closed loop, as in “end to end” use from one company. While creating Apple, everyone thought Steve Jobs was crazy for wanting to make it a closed loop, but he knew what he was doing and look at how much of the computer market Apple owns now. IOTA is doing this also, being considered crazy. But IOTA doesn’t need others for security, or need to join forces with companies like Ox to be faster. It is obvious that IOTA is aiming to be to be one of the best choices for the future of cryptocurrencies and practical application. Oh, and yes, they are scalable and will have smart contracts too.

To conclude, I will share an analogy of mine: I think of IOTA as a huge airplane. It is able to carry more people as well as fly higher and longer than many others, but it takes more time to get off the ground. This of course is a coin, not an airplane, but if you use your imagination combined with research, this analogy should make sense to you. The height is obviously related to price, the passengers related to the market cap and end users, and the length of flight related to the sustainability of the company. I believe IOTA is gearing up to be one of the fastest and most reliable platforms in the future of crypto and is here to outlast many others.

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