Just In: Solana Pay Integrated With Shopify for Instant Payments Using USD Stablecoins

Just In: Solana Pay Integrated With Shopify for Instant Payments Using USD Stablecoins

The Solana Pay team announced that their payment protocol will now be available on Shopify, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world.

Solana exciting news is out

This integration allows merchants and consumers to use Solana Pay for faster and more efficient payments without intermediaries, resulting in immediate settlement of USD stablecoins compatible with Solana.

Shopify payments will now serve as a gateway for web3-enabled commerce experiences, giving users access to token-gated offers, simple cross-border payments, NFT-based loyalty programs, and more.

These features can be tailored to align with specific business goals.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Josh Fried, business development and partnerships at Solana Foundation said that Circle’s USDC will be the first stablecoin available for the new integration.

Fried said the following:

“Some people argue the killer app for crypto hasn’t arrived, but it has: it’s payments… [Everyone] should be doubling down on this.”

Fried of Solana Labs claims that the Solana blockchain is ideal for payment transactions due to its lack of intermediaries, bank fees, chargebacks, and holding times.

Speed is crucial at the point of sale, and waiting for wallet transactions on a website or in-store is not desirable. No one wants to wait for three minutes for a payment to process at the point of sale.

It seems that the innovations in the crypto space continue to reveal great moves ahead. Check out the latest one that Solana-based project Helium dropped.

New exciting project enters the crypto space

Helium Mobile, which is a decentralized wireless network crypto project on the Solana (SOL) layer-1 blockchain, has introduced a new mobile phone plan that aims to revolutionize the telecom industry.

The plan is available exclusively to residents of Miami as the company scales its coverage model, which combines a nationwide 5G network with the Helium Mobile Network built by people.

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