This week, Justin Sun apologized following the failure regarding the Warren Buffet lunch.

As you already know, he was supposed to meet with Buffet on July 25, this week.

He even invited more friends with him, and he even wrote to President Donald Trump to invite him as well.

One more important name who said will join Sun at lunch was eToro CEO Yoni Assia.

More colleagues in the crypto space including Litecoin’s Charlie Lee and Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire also said that they would join the event.

Justin Sun publicly apologizes

Now, the Tron and BitTorrent CEO issued an apology on the Chinese social media website Weibo.

As reported by the Daily Hodl, Sun expresses his sorrow over his huge marketing efforts.

The letter was issued after the cancellation of his lunch with Buffet due to Sun’s medical condition.

It was then reported that Sun is unable to attend the lunch due to some disturbing reasons.

Rumors alleged that Sun has been blocked from leaving China.

The Daily Hodl cited the China-based news outlet Caixin and the US-based outlet ChainDD and say that even if Sun is not faced with any charges at the moment, “but a local internet finance risks regulator is recommending Sun be investigated for illegal fundraising, money laundering, prostitution, and drug-related issues.”

He released a video of himself while he was at his residence to prove that he’s not being detained.

Anyway, according to the translation of his letter, Sun takes responsibility for creating “out of control marketing”.

Dear friends,

The past period has been becoming my darkest moment as I am both troubled and sick. I am experiencing an unprecedented crisis, challenge, and pain.

I stayed up all night, introspecting my past words and deeds. I am deeply sorry and guilty about those over marketing behaviors I conducted for speculation. Here I am, expressing my most sincere apologies to the public, media, leaders, and regulators who care about me.”

However, he acknowledges that his marketing actions have caused concerns, which he regrets.

[This event] has progressively evolved into an out of control over marketing, which is quickly falling apart due to my immaturity, aggressiveness of being young and unpredictably outspeaking.

You can read Sun’s complete letter to find out what more he had to say.

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