Monero Mining Bot Called LoudMiner Targets Pirated Versions Of Audio Production Software

Monero has recently been in the spotlight after XMR finally crossed the $100 level.

This is highly important because the coin was not priced above $100 since back in 2018 when the massive bulls hit the market.

Now, XMR is in the spotlight again related to crypto mining.

Hackers hide malware in pirated audio production software

Hackers have been hiding malware in all kinds of places that you wouldn’t expect such as Adobe Flash updates or even legit Windows updates.

But now, they found another way to ship malware: in cracked audio production software.

Security researchers from ESET have discovered a Monero (XMR) mining bot that’s called LoudMiner.

Hackers have been distributing this since August last year, but only in the past month, it has begun to pop up in pirated versions of VST – Visual Studio Technology.

LoudMiner affects both Windows and MacOS

The Next Web writes that there’s nothing new in hiding malware in pirated software, but LoudMiner is unique.

The malware is cross-platform, and it’s able to affect both Windows and MacOS users.

LoudMiner runs on a Tiny Core Linux virtual machine, and this means that it can run on both OS-es.

The online publication mentioned above notes that according to researchers, hackers have used VST software “because it’s highly likely that it will be installed on a computer with a high-end CPU. What’s more, given VST software uses lots of CPU resources, the miner stands a chance of going unnoticed.”

But some users have noticed that the systems have begun to display suspicious activity after downloading a “dodgy plugin.”

At least four versions ofLoudMiner

Experts have found at least four versions of the malware, and this is an XMRing Monero crypto miner.

“It installs itself at the root level, in a virtual Linux environment, programmed to load every time the user reboots their system. One victim reported having to reinstall MacOS to get rid of the bug.”

Experts obviously recommend not getting pirated software. Check out the complete report to learn more details.


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