Monero News: Bitcoin (BTC) “Sextortion Malware” Mines XMR As Well

The MO of malware becomes more sophisticated with each passing day, and hackers find new ways of terrifying people.

Analysts have found the source of the sextortion emails that have plagued the Internet since back in 2018.

Sextortion emails hide malware that mines crypto

The Next Web brings up some mails that demand Bitcoin, or else they leak videos os people “playing with themselves” in front of porn.

The online publication writes that Reason Cybersecurity researchers have called the malware Save Yourself, and usually, the recipients receive this kind of bogus emails from senders such as [email protected].

Such emails claim that dangerous malware has infected the destination computer, and Reason found that this is not the case.

On the other hand, the company found out that the malware, which is “forcing devices to act as blackmail proxies is also secretly mining privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero, with all funds generated going directly the attackers,” according to the online publication.

Exposing the email addresses

It’s been also reported that the company said that receiving such an email does not automatically mean that the computer is infected, it just means that the email address has been exposed in a password dump.

“It is very possible that the malware author has gathered and combined several viruses and modified them to suit their own needs,” said Reason.

It’s been also reported that so far, analysts found more than 110,000 users have been infected with the Save Yourself malware.

The malware can steal your BTC as well

Reason also reported that the malware is designed to remain under the user’s radar.

Save Yourself only uses 50% of the infected machine’s CPU to mine XMR, and this is in order to avoid raising suspicion.

More than that, the malware can also reportedly read clipboard data, and it can replace BTC wallet addresses with its own in order to redirect crypto transactions to the hackers.

You should head over to the original article in order to find out more details.


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