Monero made headlines a lot lately, due to various moves that the network has been making and the upcoming hard fork that managed to trigger a massive debate.

More than that, interest in Monero is on the rise as well, and more crypto enthusiasts are seeing a great investment opportunity in XMR.

Coinbase criticizes Monero’s decision to have a hard fork every six months

Not too long ago, Coinbase published an article about security for PoW blockchains.

Coinbase criticized ASIC resistance and highlighted that Monero’s need to have a hard fork every six months is definitely a burden which may not be worth just to block the ASIC miners, reports BTC Manager.

Monero Outreach addressed the decision to bar ASICs from mining Monero and noted that this practice of hard forking every half a year is not a necessity anymore.

Head over to BTC Manager’s original article to find out more details.

The main conclusion is that Monero responded to Coinbase, highlighting the fact that RandomX will eliminate hard forks.

“The mechanism by which RandomX blocks ASICs is expected to allow for resistance for at least a few years. Hence, the concept of bi-annual hard forks is, more or less, eradicated,” the online publication writes.

Monero To Swap Cryptonight For Randomx Marks Another Huge Milestone In Its Development

Monero in the crypto market

Regarding the price of the privacy-oriented coin, today Monero sits on the 12th position on CMC.

XMR is one of the very few coins on CMC, which is trading in the green at the moment of writing this article. XMR is priced at $65.34.

As it’s been already revealed a few days ago, it seems that Monero is surrounded by a bullish sentiment in the market.

Name Coin News online magazine wrote that “Monero is presently an affirmative investment option and therefore going long with its investment may fetch good returns in future.”

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