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Monero Website Removes Onion Address, Becomes Less Private

Update from Twitter:
Our onion address is temporarily down. It will be back tomorrow.

Monero has been gaining popularity, as more and more crypto enthusiasts understand the need for privacy in the crypto industry. XMR is known as one of the most anonymous digital assets that are available on the crypto market.

As you probably know by now, Monero is designed in such a way in which to maintain the highest level of privacy and anonymity and this is the main reason for which the interest in the coin is on the rise. website made a significant change is an online service that allows users to make anonymous payments via Monero. The website works like this: you send Monero to, and then the company makes a BTC payment in your name.

The website used to have an onion address reachable via the Tor network, and this made it highly private, but for a while, this service seems to have been removed.

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The result is that the website now became less private, and the team behind openly admits in their FAQ section that IP addresses are logged in records. They write that they log IPs, and “This is partially because it helps for support and maintenance, and partially because it’s a royal pain to ensure that they are purged from all server logs everywhere. :)”

They continue and note that “It is, in fact, irrelevant whether or not we chose to log IPs. Our hosting service may anyway be logging our traffic, and their logging policy is not in our control. (This is where many “anonymous” VPN providers lie to you…)”

It seems that the onion address has disappeared sometime within the past week and a half, and you will also see that it’s been removed from the FAQ page as well.

cryptogazette has already reached out to to ask for a comment on the issue.



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