Monero (XMR) Continues To Exhibit Its Efficiency

During the past 30 days, the highest value that Monero has been able to record has been $82 and it was believed that if the trend got better, the coin is expected to hit that value all over again.

It’s time to invest in XMR

According to the latest reports coming from CryptoNewsz online publication, such a thing would be possible if the privacy-oriented coin can move past $70 in the near future and rise to $75 before the end of October.

But at the moment, the privacy-oriented coin is trading in the green, and it’s priced above $56 on CMC.

The digital asset has been one of the coins that were in the spotlight for a really long time now and this is mostly due to its strong privacy features.

The coin was able to rise in popularity as more and more crypto enthusiasts realized the importance of privacy in the crypto space.

The online publication mentioned above also noted that “XMR started the year trading at $46, and it is currently moving almost 1.5X above this value. The coin’s highest recorded value in the last 90-days was $107, and it can be expected from XMR to cross $100 again before the year-end.”

The conclusion is that this might be the best time to start investing in the coin because the potential for profits is high.

XMR is looking for fresh support

There are still optimistic predictions regarding cryptos’ prices these days, despite the market correction.

As you may already know by now, the crypto market is really volatile these days, and BTC has fallen, leading more and more crypto enthusiasts to believe that buying time is near.

According to the online publication, OurBitcoinNews, XMR is looking for fresh support these days.

There are also some pretty optimistic BTC-related predictions as well which are surfacing these days.



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