MoneroMixer Program Is Revealed – It Allows Privacy To Remain Intact

Monero has been in the spotlight a lot lately, and the privacy-oriented coin is currently trying to recover following the market’s crash.

At the moment of writing this article, XMR is sitting on the tenth position on CMC.

XMR is currently priced at $82.25 and the privacy-oriented coin is trading in the red, just like most coins today.

MoneroFixer program

OurBitcoinNews notes that a user called FungibilityMatters has recently unveiled a program that he called MoneroFixer.

This program is set to make sending, receiving, and mixing cryptos a lot easier.

According to the online publication, users can simply create a Monero wallet on the Tails OS and they can deposit or withdraw BTC, XRP, ETH, XMR, and more coins.

Non-KYC exchanges are involved as well and Javascript is not engaged for operating this program.

In order to learn more about it and to donate, you can head over on Reddit.

It’s also worth noting that this mixer allows privacy to remain unperturbed and withdrawn coins cannot be tied to the ones that are deposited. This is fully functional as of now and it will enhance users’ experience.

Monero mining malware

Monero was recently in the news in relation to mining malware once more.

Hidden malware has been and will continue to remain a threat.

The latest reports coming from Cryptovest claim that the Varonis Security Research has recently discovered a new strain of mining malware that’s able to disguise the mining for Monero on consumer electronics or networks.

It’s been reported that this malware is called Norman and it managed to infect an entire company network.

“We found a large-scale infection of crypto miners; almost every server and workstation in the company was infected,” shared Varonis.

It’s been also reported that the infection was able to spread to almost all devices within the company over a year.


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