MoonZebra Company Launches First Bitcoin (BTC) Two-Way ATM In Malta

Malta’s digital transformation seems to be going very well. Malta has recently been a pretty active playground for the crypto-related developments and adoptions as well.

Just a week ago Malta was also abler to pass three bills that are related to crypto and blockchain. On July 14th, a company called MoonZebra has launched a two-way Bitcoin ATM here.

Buy Bitcoin instantly using fiat money

MoonZera is an ATM that allows users to buy cryptos such as Bitcoin and Litecoin immediately with fiat currency.

The company helps you get rid of all the hassles of trading on online exchanges that expose a user to various hacking threats, misuse of sensitive data and more cyber crime-related issues.

Last year Malta had its very first Bitcoin ATM go missing, and this triggered some bad results – a loss of more than €3,000.

The company believes that changing the scenario now with four crypto experts on board who are working on the installation of such ATMs will be definitely a way to success.

How crypto-ATMs work

A crypto-ATM works exactly just like a cash ATM. Here are the steps required to use such a machine:

  • Deposit fiat money
  • Enter public key
  • The respective wallet will receive cryptocurrency

A two-way crypto-ATM means that you can change crypto into fiat currency and the other way around as well. People have been spotting Bitcoin ATMs also in Europe and the USA.

Bitcoin ATMs in the USA are slowly entering communities such as Union Gap, Washington; Indianapolis, Indiana; Charlotte, North Carolina; Fresno, California; Chicago; Washington, D.C.; Louisville, New York, and Kentucky.

In Europe, Bitcoin ATMs have been spotted at the Amsterdam airport, and a Redditor even posted a photo of it.

Earlier in 2018, there have also been reported a few robberies. One Bitcoin ATM robbery took place at a convenience store in Irving, Dallas. Another Redditor posted a photo showing a Bitcoin ATM robbery.

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