The crypto world is pretty new and there are a lot of digital coins that start appearing. What all of them have in common is a goal to become the most significant coin in the cryptocurrency space. There are lots of rivalries out there are one of the most exciting ones is between EOS and NEO.


These two cryptos are the ones that are compared the most, after Bitcoin and Ethereum, of course. This rivalry sparked a lot of interest from the crypto enthusiasts’ part, and this interest is continually growing as more people are interested in learning about the coins and their full potential.

NEO is present in the crypto market for quite a while, and it’s worth noting that it was initially launched under the name AntShares back in February 2014. It had a lot of time to develop and to become aware of both its strengths and flaws.

The team behind the crypto corrected all stringent issues and changed its name. NEO appeared back in 2017, and this marked a new beginning for the coin.

EOS is a newer coin with less than six months behind it. Its ICO started on June 26, 2017, and the coin was launched back in January this year. During the past few days, the crypto managed to recover along with other coins in the market.

The crypto progressed, and it even managed to launch its very own blockchain a few weeks ago. Even if the blockchain had a rough start, the team behind EOS fixed the issues, and now the coin is working harder than ever to establish itself.

Features comparison

Both EOS and NEO are decentralized coins and they provide platforms that are capable of creating dApps and smart contracts. The processing speeds are really fast, and the transaction fees are low, close to zero.

Both coins are believed to have the ability to replace Ethereum. If you track the currencies, you’ll see that EOS is catching up to NEO on a fast rate.

Final verdict

In four years, NEO was able to progress and establish its own pace, and EOS managed to get where NEO was a year ago in just a few months.

Even if neither of the coins is at their full potential due to the bearish market, both of them look more than promising, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when EOS catches up to NEO, and they’re both on the same level.

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