PumaPay and the PullPayment Protocol: An Exclusive Interview with the CMO

Bam! Just like that, Bitcoin (BTC) gained 15% and held overnight. Investors cheered as the king of crypto decoupled from the broader stock markets and renewed the dwindling faith of its beleaguered hodlers. Yes, Bitcoin made good yet again on its promise of massive gains for those who believed. But while the world’s best known cryptocurrency holds steady just above US $6,200, a number of lesser known altcoins have gained nearly as much or more in the same time period.

One of these tokens belongs to PumaPay (PMA). PumaPay (PMA) saw a surge of activity during the latest market bounce and is currently posting 14.87% gains on US $1.77 Million of volume in the last twenty-four hours.

Lately, the team at PumaPay (PMA) has been turning out products and issuing developments in a fantastic display of marketing prowess rarely seen in the altcoin space. In line with their ambitious roadmap, PumaPay has recently released a stunning mobile wallet to an eager community and introduced PornHub to great fanfare as the latest integration into their coveted payment ecosystem.

But PumaPay is more than a token. And it is more than the series of products developed by their amazing team. Indeed, there must be something truly special about PumaPay (PMA) that sets it apart from other coins in the crypto-payment space. To find the truth behind the news, this crypto-reporter set out beyond the confines of his office to uncover the secrets behind PumaPay’s (PMA) growing acceptance in the crypto-verse.

And bam! Just like that, I landed the following interview with PumaPay (PMA) CMO, Ms. Dagmara Handzlik. The following is a transcript of our conversation:

MCM: Hello Ms. Handzlik, Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today.

D.H.: Hi Micah. It’s nice to meet you.

MCM: Let’s get right to it. As you know, I recently wrote up a review of the newly debuted app from PumaPay (PMA). I am pleased to say I was honestly impressed. It’s a relief to see a usable product in the cryptospace! I found the app to be responsive, easy to use and attractive.

Unfortunately, I was unable to use the exchange feature within the app where, presumably, I could trade in and out of the various coins I held inside the wallet. Instead I was shown a splash screen that said this feature was unavailable in my region.

DH: Yes, that’s true. Currently, PumaPay (PMA) is unable to provide our exchange services to US customers due to regulatory restrictions concerning the sale of cryptocurrency tokens in the US.

MCM: Everything else works without problems for me. It would be great to see this feature in action. Another exciting feature I am waiting for is PumaPay Pride, where a directory of merchants accepting crypto-payments near my location will be available within the app. When is PumaPay Pride scheduled to be incorporated into the app? Is there a date set, or any updates you can share?

DH: Yes, we are currently working on the development of PumaPay Pride – the marketing tool for businesses within the PumaPay network. It was hoped that we would launch this sooner, but more urgent developments on other components in our system meant this had to be postponed. Nevertheless, these are very exciting times as we work to finalize this project and we can expect to announce its release by the end of Q3 this year.

MCM: Wow. That’s great. Thank you for the news!

So, I have to ask you, with the PumaPay Pride market place finally incorporated into the app, how does PumaPay Distinguish itself from other competitors in the space? After all, there are quite a few companies incorporating market places into their mobile wallets these days.

DH: We truly pride ourselves on our PullPayment Protocol’s unique solution. By essentially inverting the traditional ‘push’ mechanism of transactions, we allow the merchant to ‘pull’ funds from the customer’s account – based on pre-approved terms. This innovation enables us to provide – for the first time on the blockchain – billing methods that are very common in our daily lives, including recurring payments, top-up, 1-Click, pay-per-time and more that can be all easily managed via PumaPay’s mobile Wallet App. This is the foundation of our payment solution and also the reason why we were able to attract so many Early Adopters.

On top of this, we are closing the payment loop. Customers are now able to on-board with BTC/ETH, and also soon with a credit card. And merchants can off-board easily with our Fiat Settlement Layer, giving them a hassle-free way of converting their crypto to fiat, with the funds deposited directly to their bank accounts. We also have a mechanism in place that allows the customer and the merchant to both temporarily stabilize the price of the token at the point of transaction, so that they will no longer be exposed to the crypto volatility risk.

MCM: Yeah, that’s some tech right there. Between the PullPayment Protocol and the Fiat Settlement Layer, you guys really seem to have an edge over your competitors. Is PornHub utilizing the PullPayment Protocol for recurring subscriptions? Was this protocol a reason behind the company’s recent embrace of PMA?

DH: Yes, we were simply able to provide the team at Pornhub Premium with a crypto-payments solution that matched their current business logic. They needed to be able to provide their customers with a way to pay monthly in crypto without any extra stresses or hassles on their part and the recurring payments billing method via our PullPayment Protocol was able to accommodate this need.

With low fees, increased financial privacy and fast crypto-to-fiat settlement times, Pornhub Premium is the latest of the growing number of businesses adopting our innovative payment solution.

MCM: Thank you again for talking with me today about PumaPay (PMA). These are exciting times for all of us in the cryptoverse and I’m honored you would share your story with me. Before you go, is there any news about the company that you could share? It would be great to update our readers with any partnerships, conferences or developments on the table!

DH: You’re welcome, Micah! As you know, PumaPay is continuing its active role in industry conferences and events. Our recent participation at the Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference in Berlin meant that the team had the opportunity to meet and network with other key leaders in the industry and also new and existing customers of the PumaPay PullPayment Protocol.

Keep an eye on our official Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages, as any information about our upcoming events will be shared there. We are in the process of integrating with more of our Early Adopters and will have more exciting news in the near future – we’re looking forward to the continued growth of the PumaPay network.

End Interview

Featured Image by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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