Regulators Should Protect Consumers And Support Innovation, Ripple Says

Regulation is important in the crypto space and this is essential to understand, as more experts have been explaining so far.

More regulation will bring increased trust, and enhanced trust will bring institutional investment.

More institutional investors will bring the crypto market closer to the mass adoption of digital assets and, as we’ve been reporting all year, this is one of the main goals that the community has in 2019.

Regulators should protect consumers and support innovation

Ripple’s global Head of government relations, Michelle Bond, sat down for an interview with Business Insider.

Bond says the fintech industry is still in its youth and regulators need to walk a fine line between protecting consumers and supporting innovation.

“These companies are starting to walk and talk, but we aren’t potty trained yet. The market is immature, and so regulators are playing an important role to make sure no one is getting hurt. At the same time, people will get hurt if innovation doesn’t happen.”

Ripple is working on an expansion

Ripple has been making increased efforts to promote the adoption of its products, and the San Francisco-based company continues the moves.

Ripple has been also boosting the entire XRP ecosystem in order to promote the adoption of the digital asset.

Now, the company is working to install xCurrent, its cross-border payment messaging software at a massive number of banks in India.

Sachin Maheshwari, who is a senior integration engineer at Ripple, said the company is implementing xCurrent “with all the banks in India.”

“We made payments from the Middle East to India within just one or two minutes and completed an entire validation of the transaction as well.”

Anyway, both Ripple and XRP have been enjoying increased adoption and recognition this year and all the community awaits is to see all the achievements mirrored in the price of XRP.

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