These days, amidst the massive stress we’re all in due to the coronavirus pandemic, hackers are not sleeping and they’re developing new ways to scam crypto traders, so high caution is advised.

XRP stolen from the Ledger wallet

It’s been reported that a victim of Covid-19, a woman who is infected with the novel coronavirus lost more than $2,400 worth of XRP savings – these were stolen from her Ledger wallet.

It’s been revealed that another crypto investor became the victim of the fraudulent phishing scam that is targeting owners of Ledger wallets.

A woman who’s been infected with the novel virus addressed what happened on her Reddit post.

The woman posted: “We have our XRP stored in an offline Ledger Nano. The keywords are stored in a separate location and I knew never to divulge them to a 3rd party. Why I ended up doing just that, I can’t explain or understand. I can only put it down to the constant fever brought on by the virus. Believe me guys, this isn’t like flu!”

She continued and mentioned the extension: “The only ledger extension on the Chrome store is one by the name of “Ledger Wallet” or “Ledger Live”. It claims to be from ® or Ledger Official ® and for all intents and purposes looks legitimate. It even had over 70 positive 4-5 star reviews, ranging from “Its a little difficult to operate” to “once I understood what to do it was easy”.”

She continued and said: “I have watched our XRP transfer from our account to an account that is currently holding over $2.5 million in XRP. This is clearly a large operation.”

She said that the Chrome app is no longer live. Check out the complete Reddit post.

The UToday online publication revealed that Ledger, the leading manufacturer of hardware wallets, warned its users about the fake “Ledger Live” Google Chrome extension whose only job is to steal seed phrases.

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