Ripple has had a successful 2019 so far, and the San Francisco-based company marked a lot of new partnerships this year.

More than that, it has been working hard in order to promote its products and to boost the XRP ecosystem.

Wietse Wind and his Ripple-backed XRPL Labs have been boosting the adoption of XRP as well.

New foundation boosts the XRP ecosystem

A recently formed foundation called the XRP Community Fund is revealing the way that it plans to boost the adoption and development of the XRP ecosystem.

The fund’s website said that the foundation that is based in the Netherlands “would be used to support the development of tools/apps/integrations/plugins that make it easier to use XRP for (consumer/small business) payments.”

The website also details how the fund was formed a few months ago.

“Over 90 exchanges were tested by some of the XRP Community members. The XRPL implementation (different transaction types) were tested, and results were sent to the exchanges. Some exchanges decided to reward the community for their efforts. We (the testing community members) decided to use the bounties to start the XRP Community Fund.”

Wietse Wind, XRPL Labs founder, is one of the directors and the board members of this foundation.

It’s already a known fact that he and his company managed to boost the XRP ecosystem a lot recently.

Integrating XRP Tip Bot

Speaking of adoption, Coinfield crypto payment processor said that they just integrated the XRP Tip Bot.

The company will be using this bot which has been created by Wietse Wind as you probably know by now.

You may recall that back in April, Wind offered a behind the scenes look at the XRP Tip Bot.

During an interview on the XRP Community Blog, Wind said that the platform serves as a fertile testing ground for things to come.

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