Ripple and its digital asset XRP have had a successful year so far with a lot of achievements that are taking the crypto towards mass adoption.

You may recall that Ripple‘s digital asset XRP has been integrated into WooCommerce which powers about 3.3 million online stores. More than that, it also got implemented in Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, and Skype may be in the cards as well.

Ripple has been leveraging a boost for XRP even is these are two separate entities, as Brad Garlinghouse keeps explaining to naysayers who accuse the project of centralization.

Ripple can infiltrate the global financial system

Now, ZyCrypto reports that David Gokhshtein, the founder of Gokhshtein Magazine and also a massive XRP supporter, believes that Ripple is placing itself in the perfect position to “infiltrate the global financial system.”

It’s already a known fact that banks have been considering creating their very own digital assets.

These coins would be acting as intermediaries between fiat and crypto for institutions and individuals.

But according to Gokhshtein, once such financial giants are testing the crypto waters, they will find it to be much more comfortable and also more efficient to use the infrastructure that Ripple has built so far.

He also believes that these powerful companies will adapt to financial innovations, and they might be raining cryptos soon, as reported by ZyCrypto.

Ripple has already created products and services to help people and businesses send money all over the world with high speed, privacy, and lower fees.

Brad Garlinghouse says banks love Ripple and XRP

Just the other day, we were reporting that during an interview with Recode Decode podcast, Brad Garlinghouse has addressed once more the will of the company to work with regulators and not against them.

The company’s solutions have reportedly been designed in such a way to meet the demands of banks and financial institutions, notes NewsBTC.

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