This article goes out to Brad Garlinghouse and the Ripple Team. I think the time is ripe for a Ripple IPO. The partnerships and traction the company is making, warrants for it to go public on the other side of investments other than our faithful cryptocurrency world where Ripple (XRP) is the darling of many. And for it to reach its full potential in both worlds of investing, an IPO would really do it.

The reasons to put forth such an argument are outlined below.

Firstly, there is proof of concept of the XRP coin and the payment settlement software solutions offered by xRapid, xCurrent and xVia. Banks and money remittance services providers love Ripple’s payment solutions because of three things: speed, low transaction fees and security guaranteed on the blockchain and Ripple ledger.  Ripple transactions take 3.3 seconds to complete and cost only $0.0004.

Many banks are using or testing Ripple’s payment solutions. One of those banks is the SBI Consortium of Asia who have even gone ahead and dubbed themselves SBI Ripple Asia. They plan on using Ripple’s ledger in securities products. The projects will involve 18 securities firms who will research and commercialize applications of emerging technologies and their applications in their industries. In simple words, these are Wallstreet guys testing Ripple technology. The second bank that is testing Ripple’s software solution is the Dutch Multinational bank, Rabobank which is a global leader in food and agriculture financing and sustainability-oriented banking. This means Ripple is touching on each and every sector of the global industries.

When it comes to money remitting services, Ripple has a very big footprint there through partnerships with Western Union and Moneygram. The time is ripe for an IPO. Ripple’s products work and they will be part of everyday life.

Secondly, a Ripple IPO  will be well handled if it were to come to fruition based on the leadership behind the parent company. Beginning with the CEO, the leadership of the Ripple project is top notch. I have even dubbed them the Avengers of Technology. A title I hope that will stick and keep being repeated by more crypto writers, crypto traders and Wallstreet traders as soon as an IPO is in the offing.

The board of directors is also exemplary. Directors are meant to steer a company and its projects from behind the scenes. They make sure decisions are executed well and efficiently. When you look at the profile of each and every director behind the Ripple project, you will be amazed at what the group of 9 individuals has achieved and will achieve with Ripple.

A third reason why it is time for Ripple to go public is the non-technical aspect that is known as Momentum. In Physics, momentum is a product of an object’s mass and the velocity. Right now, Ripple’s mass is growing exponentially with every partnership gained. The velocity is also accelerating and this momentum seems to be increasing in an exponential equation that might lead to Ripple’s achievements reaching infinity.

Ripple has partnered with companies in fleet management, oil and gas, petroleum marketing and specialty payments. In fleet management, Ripple has partnered with Uber, Fuelman, Mastercard, COMDATA and Fleet Cards, USA. In the oil and gas industry, the partnerships include ARCO, British Petroleum, Chevron, Shell, Speedway, Quarles Petroleum Incorporated and Husky Energy. In petroleum marketing, the partnerships are with Mannatec, CFN (Commercial Fueling Network) and Pacific pride. Cambridge Global payments and CLC Lodging have also partnered with Ripple in specialty payments.

It is therefore with the above achievements and momentum evident with Ripple, that the time is ripe for a Ripple IPO. This IPO might be one of the biggest to hit the floor of Wallstreet and will in turn cause aftershocks in the Crypto-Verse in a scenario where we will see Ripple (XRP) becoming the new King of the Hill.

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  • Suraj Tamang
    03/03/, 10:33 AM

    Ripple will be top of cryptocurrency and everyone will be like why I didn’t invest more.

    • sean mcgrath
      03/03/, 11:54 AM


  • JOHN S.
    03/03/, 7:14 PM

    If Ripple had an IPO would XRP holders get some free shares?

    • Arjan de bee
      04/03/, 5:19 AM

      No . Why. The coin has no value. The technology does however

      • kobio
        04/03/, 7:55 PM

        are you 12? Just you saying the coin has no value does not make it so. nice try tho

    • fareed
      04/03/, 4:07 PM

      No. that statement is akin to saying “If a diamond mining company had a IPO would holders of diamonds get free shares in the company when it went public?”

      XRP is a digital asset you purchase as a token anticipating its growth in value but it is NOT a share in Ripple.

      • fareed
        04/03/, 4:11 PM

        Further, you CAN buy shares in Ripple, but you need to have a net worth of over $1’000’000usd or an income of over $200K a year and purchase through an accredited investor as defined through SEC designation.

        If it went public and you had bought stock/shares in Ripple Inc, NOT in XRP, then you would likely see significant gains.

        However given the speculative nature of the crypto industry the chances are the price of XRP would go up anyway

  • SW
    03/03/, 7:30 PM

    Absolutely. 100% agreed.

  • Admin
    03/03/, 8:51 PM

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  • Alex
    03/03/, 9:30 PM

    This is idealistic. Let’s hope that the people behind i are good, but it isn’t always reality and this article seems to be as if trying to advertise it too much for some reason

    • John P. Njui
      04/03/, 7:11 AM

      Idealism is the birth of all realistic events. It is always good to philosophize and muse over the possibility of some things happening in life.

  • Nuzz
    03/03/, 11:03 PM

    It will NEVER happen. Do you even understand what the purpose of an IPO is?

    • John Njui
      04/03/, 7:09 AM

      Yes. I do understand the purpose of an IPO.

      • Spencer Ntow
        05/03/, 11:23 AM

        this article is spreading fud and miss information ripple so far has nothing to do with the petroleum industry , when you check their partners , they never made mention of a petroleum company , research well before posting articles , its fake ,this the kind of hype which keeps crashing xrp , just like the coin base rumor

  • Kole Gojcaj
    04/03/, 2:07 AM

    Let’s hope

  • fareed
    04/03/, 4:13 PM

    The partnership with Uber has not been confirmed publicly as far as I am aware. What is the source of a confirmed partnership in relation to this article? At this point it is simply a rumor without confirmation as far as I am aware as neither ripple nor uber have confirmed it?

  • TheBuz
    04/03/, 5:48 PM

    Why would Ripple put their faith in Wallstreet? You realize who controls Wallstreet, right?
    An IPO the fastest way for a company to be manipulated into bankruptcy and stolen for pennies.
    I believe that Ripple leadership Is well aware, and why it won’t happen.

  • kobio
    04/03/, 7:57 PM

    I love all the haters. XRP will not be denied. XRP is the future

  • John
    05/03/, 6:22 AM

    What nonsense.
    Ripple is privately owned and can have around 1B USD per month capital influx from the escrow release for the next years at today’s rates.
    It does not need capital from an IPO.

    In addition, if there were to be one, the focus would shift to dividend focus and accountability to shareholders who effectively gain control of the company.

    It would be the end of the momentum they company has now and the end of XRP which will tank.

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