Ripple has been making headlines a lot lately with various achievements and all kinds of bold plans.

Ripple’s main target is to boost the complete XRP ecosystem, and the firm is also working hard to push the mainstream adoption of the digital asset XRP.

Also, another goal is to replace the flawed traditional payments system SWIFT that banks and financial institutions have been using for decades. XRP-powered ODL can offer users instant, safe, and cheap cross-border transactions.

Coil boosts XRP

Now, XRP gets a push from one of Ripple‘s main investments.

The web monetization platform Coil is rolling out four initiatives that will help fast track the adoption of crypto and blockchain tech.

Coil reportedly released a plugin for WordPress websites. This is designed to offer site owners an easier way to integrate Coil – this will allows fans to reward publishers in crypto assets such as XRP and fiat as well.

Also, Coil supports an organization built by Melinda and Bill Gates. Mojaloop is helping the unbanked access financial services via the blockchain tech. coin said that it’s a founding member of this entity and an entry in the non-profit world.

More than that, Coil teams up with crypto-friendly money platform Uphold to give Coil content creators access to a digital wallet.

With Uphold as a wallet provider, Cooil creators have the option to cash out in 50 different currencies and enjoy bank connectivity in 35 countries.

And the fourth initiative involves the fact that Coil launched an alpha version of an ad-free version of Imgur – the popular photo-sharing site.

As reported by the online publication the Daily Hodl, Emerald integrates Coil and gives subscribers a handful of exclusive features.

Ripple invested in Coil’s success, and the San Francisco-based company gave Coil 1 billion XRP grant. They also invested $4 million in the company back in 2019.

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