Tron had a great 2020 so far with more achievements that took place. For instance, Tron’s Justin Sun recently met with Apple’s Steve Wozniak, and Sun proudly tweeted about their meeting on social media.

Other than that, a Republican candidate for the New York (NY) House, David Gokhshtein said that Tron will dominate the gaming industry. He’s also an important name in the cryptosphere.

Forbes interviews Justin Sun

Now, Forbes interviewed Justin Sun and he had a lot of exciting things to say for the Tron community.

Samsung, which you already know is one of the world’s largest technology brands added the project to its Blockchain Keystore.

This means that Samsung Galaxy S10 users have access to TRON dApps (decentralized apps), which is a pretty great deal.

Forbes’ Darryn Pollock writes in his article, “I spoke with Sun about the integration of TRON on the Samsung Keystore and what the implications in the greater scheme of things were.”

Here’s what Justin Sun had to say: “This is the beginning of a new era. Just imagine: after Samsung and all the phone manufacturers begin to integrate blockchain technology infrastructures, applications that may include blockchain or cryptocurrencies will pop up everywhere.”

The most important milestone for blockchain progress

Regarding the Tron integration with Samsung, Sun continued and said: “This is the most important milestone for blockchain progress so far.”

Sun also believes that “Once Samsung embraces blockchain into its devices and applications, every company in the world has to pay attention.”

We recommend that you head over to Forbes and read the whole article in order to learn more details.

Overall, Sun believes that this is only the beginning for Tron and more massive achievements are on the way.

2020 is expected to be a great year for the whole crypto space, not just for the Tron project.