The ICON team is back with another exciting announcement that they shared on Twitter.

Recently, the project has been making headlines due to various bold plans and also massive achievements, and now, here’s another one.

You can secure your ICON (ICX) with private keys and exchange anonymously

Here’s the important announcement that the ICON team made on Twitter.

ICON enthusiasts are offering great feedback following this piece of news.

Someone said: “This wallet just keeps on getting better. Keep on keeping on,” and another follower posted this: “The atomic wallet will soon become a leading brand in the world of cryptocurrency.”

One other commenter posted: “Nice! I check every morning looking for announcements! You guys are doing great things!”

ICON (ICX) passed 100M transactions

Earlier today, we reported another great achievement that ICON just marked.

The network surpassed 100 million transactions and the ICON enthusiasts celebrated in the comments section.

Other than this, ICON made another important announcement that brought the project into the spotlight a few days ago – the upcoming event called Hyperhack.

“ICON Hyperhack is a two-month online ICON hackathon hosted by ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep that will begin registrations and submissions on June 19th on Devpost,” the official notes say.

In terms of pricing, ICON’s ICX is currently trading in the red just like most of the important coins on CMC.

ICX is currently placed on the 47th position on CMC, and at the moment of writing this article, the digital asset is trading at $0.319972.

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