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SimpleFX Just Added Monero And Ethereum Classic Accounts

SimpleFX is an award-winning global mobile friendly trading platform. It’s now offering accounts is 22 currencies out of which 7 are cryptos.

The platform just released Monero and Ethereum classic transfers. These are free of charge just like other crypto accounts.

According to Bitcoinist, SimpleFX traders can deposit and withdraw money using seven different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Monero.

SimpleFX, the broker for the next gen

“Our mission is to make the most of the cryptocurrency and blockchain opportunities. We believe in the community and want to give the users a broad choice of transfer services. This is the cryptocurrency spirit we have always believed in,” SimpleFX stated.

SimpleFX is empowering the community with profitable trades for anyone and various trading ideas.

The platform also offers one of the best affiliate programs with up to 25% lifetime revenue share.

This year, SimpleFX won the best trading app title. The competition was held at the Finance World Expo Summit 2019 in Switzerland.

Here are the main features that had SimpleFX so appreciated by experts, according to the online publication mentioned above:

  • Great usability on mobile devices
  • Remarkable speed and reliability
  • Responding to the user needs with new features
  • The strong and growing community of users

A few clicks on the official website will show you how to create your Monero or Ethereum Classic wallet.

Monero in the news

Monero made headlines recently again after it was mentioned in a whole report wrote by Reuters.

The Monero Outreach community slammed their article with a new blog post accusing Reuters of pointing out too much the illegal use of XMR.

The blog post was titled A Response to Reuters, and it was published on 20th May.

Other than that, the latest predictions regarding XMR claim that the privacy-oriented coin is racing towards $200.

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