Ripple (XRP) Everyone I know in the crypto community seems to have the same idea.  “Down with the Banks!” they say.  “Screw the system!”  they scream.   In the meantime, all of their gains from Bitcoin, Litecoin, and IOTA are deposited into their… wait for it, bank account.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as passionate as the next crypto kid about ushering in a new financial system that profits all people not just a few. I recognize the need to depart from the current model.  I know blockchain technology is the future.  It just seems as though this mindset is a little lacking in terms of reality.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Bitcoin.  This change will not happen without a transition of power and preferably a smooth one.

Enter, Ripple (XRP).  It’s a sort of digital diplomacy.   Ripple promises to disrupt the way we transact money while keeping banks in the loop.  It’s a crypto compromise!  Ripple is a real time gross settlement system, currency exchange and remittance network. Also called the Ripple Transaction Protocol.  This baby is open source, decentralized and can operate without the Ripple company.  This means it cannot be shutdown.  You can see why it has caught the attention of the big boys.


Image 1 – Ripple (XRP) charts. Source:

More and more banks are adopting Ripple as settlement infrastructure technology.  Japanese and Korean banks have tested Ripple last Friday.  Santander, UniCredit, and UBS are already using Ripple. MIT loves it as well as Bill Gates.

Ripple (XRP) is already the 3rd largest cryptocurrency at $31 billion market cap as of Dec 15 and we are just getting started.  My point here is that Ripple can bridge the gap from the Old way into the New.  The promise of a new chapter in the way we use money is still preserved while facilitating the process that must take place to get there.

Also, we need the banks so we can make money (the kind we currently use) while we ride this crypto rocket to the moon.  We are the early adopters and we can see the horizon.  The rest of the world needs more time.

Ripple is the perfect blend that will sit well with any palate.  I foresee all those 50+ year olds who have saved their money and invested in stocks and think Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme for gullible millennials finally waking up to the truth of cryptos and looking into where to put their money.  First they will turn their attention to Bitcoin and feel they have missed the gravy train.  Next they will eye Ethereum, and be confused.  Litecoin will seem beneath them and they will become discouraged.

So they will hop on their phone and call their financial advisor and be guided into the only option that is backed by banks, Ripple.  A safe, secure place for the skeptics to place their trust. These late bloomers will throw their money, which has been getting tiny return on investment, at Ripple.  Soon, they’ll be bragging to their golf buddies and anyone who will listen how they are investing in the future and have always had their finger on the pulse of young innovators.  When the big returns start flowing and they keep preaching the good news to all those around them, more and more of these doubters will follow suit.

So in conclusion, I see Ripple as the mediator of a new covenant between the old days and the new ones to come.   Let us all join together and swallow our pride while we share a ride on the gravy train to end all gravy trains.

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  • Jaslan
    18/12/, 1:21 AM

    Ripple is my big HODL

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