Tron Controversy: Responding To Fraud Allegations, Multi-Million Dollar Scam, Police Raid And More

The Tron Foundation has been making headlines all over the place lately following the recent piece of news.

“Wave Field Super Community” Scam has been posing as Tron

They are claiming that the leaders of the multi-million dollar scam that’s blamed for at least a suicide and the loss of $30 million in TRX by victims were issued a cease and desist letter in order to prevent the bad actors from leaving the community, reports that Daily Hodl.

Tron issued a response on Monday, July 8 in which it makes it very clear that it used its WeChat messaging group in order to warn the Tron investors that there’s this group called “Wave Field Super Community” and it was posing as Tron to attract investors.

A report by local Chinese news site Nuclear Finance revealed the following:

“At 10:00 am on June 30, the Wave Field Super Community App closed and it was suspected that it had already run. Wallet assets have been transferred out two weeks ago, and investors are currently unable to withdraw cash.”

Tron and Justin Sun, accused

Tron is reportedly known by the name Wave Field in China, and the victims claim that neither Justin Sun nor the team behind Tron have done enough in order to distance themselves from the criminals who were running a Ponzi scheme that used to promise investors that they will get massive returns on their TRX.

The Wave Field Super Community appeared back in January and “claimed to be one of Tron’s 27 super representatives that powers the Tron blockchain,” says the Daily Hodl.

Tron said: “The victims had been promised high rates of return on their investments in the name of TRON, BitTorrent and uTorrent.”

Tron, defended by the police

Tron expressed its sympathy towards the victims and it seems that a few people even tried to enter the Beijing research and development center of Raybo technology which is a partner of Tron.

Social media yelled “raid” but Tron reported that the police were in fact responding to the protestors.

Justin Sun had this to say on the matter:

“Tron partner office operating normally after Wave Field Community protesters disrupt morning operations, resulting in police presence. Continued sympathy for those defrauded; working with police to try to help.”

The Tron Foundation made sure to address the whole issue with a post on Medium.


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