Tron Foundation Finally Confirms It “Joins Forces” With Baidu – The Chinese IT Giant Is Developing A “Super Chain” Network System

A while ago, EWN reported that there is a partnership in the cards for Tron which could be their most important project so far.

Speculations have been claiming for quite a while that Tron would team up with one of the largest IT companies in China, Baidu.

It is basically the equivalent of Google and it controls more than 60% of all the Internet searches.

Last Friday, Justin Sun posted on Twitter that the company was looking to make a move which is much more significant even than the partnership between Tron and BitTorrent and this new deal would be worth billions of dollars.

Tron announces it joins forces with Baidu

The Tron Foundation has finally announced their long-awaited partnership on Twitter. Tron did not exactly use the term partnership, it only said that they would be joining forces to work together.

A lot of commenters on Twitter said that this announcement is too vague and Baidu did not confirm the news.

The Tron Foundation said that they will continue to work with the large cloud service providers in order to offer more and more blockchain solutions and to make the tech more accessible for users and small businesses all over the world.

The Tron Foundation also said that the end goal is mass adoption of the blockchain technology and TRX.

Baidu still has to confirm the news, because until now, they have been quiet on the subject.

Baidu released their blockchain white paper

According to their white paper, Baidu will focus on using their tech on food safety, new manufacturing, social networking, new retail, tourism, travel, trading, new retail, supply chain finance, and intellectual property.

Baidu is currently developing their Super Chain network system.

The white paper focused on “the independent development of the ‘Super Chain’ network system” which is expected to support more than 10,000 transactions per second through inter-chain parallel technology and a stereoscopic network

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