Tron (TRX) Adds Eight New DApps To Its Network

Tron is under the spotlight these days again. The Tron community grows larger with each passing day, and more developers and startups are now migrating to the Tron network.

Just recently, the Tron Foundation made an announcement and said that they added eight new Dapps on the Tron network.

Tron Dapp ecosystem is growing at a steady pace

Here’s the announcement that has been made via Twitter.

The excitement of Tron community members is mirrored in the comments section.

A Twitter user wrote: “Keep up the good work keep lighting up those #github commits hATERS beware #TRX cannot be stopped better to focus ur energy elsewere #Unstoppable.”

Someone else posted: “We are glad to see the crypto ecosystem becoming so diverse and versatile. Looking into integration with our own platform…”

An increase of 30% in terms of transaction volume and time

Smartereum writes “According to the Tron Dapp weekly report, which was released on Aug. 23, the eight new Dapps were added to the network last week. The report also has it that there is an increase of 30% in terms of transaction volume and time, than the previous week.”

The same online publication writes that “The total number of smart contracts on the network has also increased enormously. According to the report, the smart contracts on the Tron network has reached 1,371.”

Tron, the most active platform

It was recently reported that June 25 was the day when Tron celebrated its first year of independence.

Last month, more good news came from Dapp Review.

This is an important crypto analytics and media house.

In a recent report, Dapp Review revealed that Tron has listed the most dApps since the beginning of 2019 and this number managed to surpass Ethereum, IOST, and EOS.

Other than this, Tron was in the news again after it teamed up with Ripple, Binance, VeChain and more for charitable causes.



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