Tron (TRX) Gets Support from the Community Node for their Super Representative Elections

Community Node just advised enthusiasts to keep running for Tron’s Super Representative elections. Back on April 12, Tron CEO Justin Sun distributed a Letter to the Tron Community: On Super Representative Elections and this letter reported that the elections would take place on June 26, 2018. It was also saying that the Super Representatives will be chosen to establish the framework for a self-administered group with a general decision portal.

The Community Node supports the elections

Group Node is currently running a cloud-construct hub that’s focused mainly on uptime and dependability. The Community Node wants to meet the execution levels and to make them adequate to get the hub voted during the Super Representative elections. After that, the node might have the possibility to enter rotation as an earning Super Representative.

The announcement was made by Justin Sun on Twitter, and he proudly announced the Community Node’s participation in Tron’s Super Representative Elections.

Tron expects more cryptos to use its application

The Community Node organization is an open source collaboration from the blockchain space. They aim to become an intellectual asset for the whole community. Tron is an open-source project as well, and they expect more cryptos to use the Tron application as the starting point for their own blockchain networks.

There are other Distributed Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies that may adopt Tron’s Super Representative structure, and the Super Representatives will probably create organizations that will resemble the one of Tron.

Tron made their project open-source to provide a resource for whoever needs more data regarding Tron. By sharing various IT strategies, Tron aims to strengthen the whole blockchain industry and develop the best practices.

Tron is being traded on CoinMarketCap for $0.063009 and its total market cap is $4,142,709,617. The crypto is ranked at the 10th position. It enjoyed a rise by 3.71% in the past 24 hours.

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