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Tron (TRX)’s Super Representative Candidate Sky People is a Viable Investment

Tron’s super representative election is coming up in a few days and while this may not trigger such massive excitement as the main net’s launch. It still offers a great investment opportunity for those interested. One organization that’s running for the Tron super representative is Sky people, a South Korean gaming firm.

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The organization provides a few interesting benefits for those who will be voting for it.

Voters will receive regular airdrops

The first advantage if you decide to vote for Sky people is that you will get regular airdrops of 35% of all TRX created. This means that voting for the company could provide an excellent passive income as Tron’s value grows. The airdrop may not seem like too much for the moment, but it will definitely turn out a massive deal once Tron will be worth at least $1. It could mean a regular income of thousands of dollars a month. Overall, voting for Sky people could turn out a robust investment for the future.

Sky people will develop their token on Tron’s blockchain

If the company gets elected as a Tron super representative, they will create their token on Tron’s blockchain. 2% of the token will then be airdropped regularly based on the voting rate. By voting for this platform, you will be in the position to benefit from the value growth of Sky people’s token. The chances are that it will grow because the platform is focused on gaming in the South Korean market and South Korea is one of the most significant gaming countries in the world.

Tron would also have a great start in the gaming industry.

Closing words

There are more gaming platforms that want to become Tron super representatives, and this means that in the future Tron has the massive potential of becoming the dominant blockchain in the gaming space. So, if there’s an explosion of games on the blockcha8n, TRX’s value could head straight to the moon.

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