Tron Vs. Bitcoin: TRX Outperformed The BTC Network By Number Of Transactions

2019 has been a good year for Tron (TRX) and its founder Justin Sun, regardless of the critics and haters.

The Tron network managed to outperform Ethereum and EOS by the number of dApps, new accounts set up by users on the platform and also TPS (transactions per second.)

Tron surpasses Bitcoin in overall transactions

Justin Sun made the Tron community happy when he announced that Tron managed to surpass BTC by the number of overall transactions.

Tron left behind what BTC managed to achieve in 10 years and did all this in about 300 days, as UToday reports.

This is pretty strange considering the positions that the two digital assets have on CoinMarketCap and the trading volumes as well.

Not to mention the fact that institutional investors are more and more attracted to Bitcoin which has recently even been called digital gold.

The number of Tron nodes grows

The amount of Tron nodes is growing and also the usage of the Tron blockchain. This Thursday, UToday also reported that the number of nodes surged from 1,100 to 1,357 in a few days.

Another important partnership bagged by Tron is the one with Tether.

At the moment, Tron is issuing a new type of USDT, and it’s replacing old Tether coins with Tron-USDT ones.

Tron platform enjoys a massive influx of developers

In other news, the platform continues to see a massive influx of developers who are continually joining and building up the ecosystem.

Tron has been getting better at cornering the market for blockchain-based gaming and betting dApps. TRONbet is the most successful app.

Besides gaming, Tron also has made several strategic moves in order to extend into finance.

“We’re getting lots of interest from these institutional investors. I think we’ll do everything to fulfill their requests because when the institutional investor gets into this industry they have lots of requests,” Justin Sun said.

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