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TronWallet Improves Its Features To Enhance Security And TRX-Related Functionalities

The Tron (TRX) Wallet got launched back in June, and the event came together with a note from the Tron Foundation that advised users not to deposit TRX just yet.

“Before using the TronWallet, the team at the Tron Foundation advises that you do not deposit any TRX on the wallet just yet. Your funds might get lost. Tron Foundation requests that you first apply to test the wallet before the final release by the team.”

This was before the Mainnet went live and before the Super Representative elections have been completed.

By August, users of the TronWallet got the ability to receive, send and freeze their TRX tokens and they could also take part in the Super Representative elections.

At the moment, the wallet is now available on both iOS and Android.

Tron wallet receives improvements is the community project that has built the TronWallet, and they have provided for the public a brand new list of updated features that users will be able to enjoy.

So here is what you can do from now on with the app:

  • Access and protect your TRX tokens from your own mobile.
  • Use a QR scanner in order to pay with TRX and more tokens that are built under TRX.
  • Send TRX and other cryptos by entering a wallet address or scanning a QR code.
  • Request payments in TRX by creating a unique QR code or transaction.
  • Freeze and unfreeze tokens.
  • Check the market price.
  • Keep track of all the transactions that you are making on the app, both validated and pending.
  • Invest in other tokens running under TRX with an ICO mechanism and secure the tokens on your very own mobile phone.
  • Get access to tutorials and the ability to learn from the app.
  • Unlock the app and access all functionalities with increased safety mechanisms such as Face ID and fingerprint.
  • Create various wallets with the help of this app.

Future improvements that await to reach the TronWallet

It’s also important to note that the team plans to add even more improvements regarding the wallet’s app in the future.

  • The ability to trade TRX tokens in a decentralized way without having to involve third-parties in the process.
  • Launching of a web widget to sell ICO tokens.
  • Creating a DApp browser in Q1 2019 in order to accelerate DApps creation.

Tron has been working really hard to achieve more developments and this has been mirrored by the hype and excitement from the community.

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