VeChain (VET) New Achievement: VeChain Thor Surpasses 1 Million Transactions And Mirrors Enhanced Blockchain Adoption

Crypto and blockchain mass adoption have been some of the main goals that the crypto space has for this year.

There have been a lot of movements in the crypto space which are definitely supporting this massive goal of the community this year.

VeChain is making its own progress in this direction and the team just celebrated a massive achievement.

VeChain Thor reaches 1.1 million transactions

The chief operating officer of VeChain has just reported a huge milestone for the company.

It seems that the mainnet VeChain Thor has reached 1.1 million transactions, which is a new all-time high.

Kevin Feng tweeted the following message:

“The VeChainThor mainnet recorded over 1.1m transactions and 35m VTHO burned yesterday! Applications running on VeChain should use the blockchain technology to solve real-world economic problems and target a broader user base.”

Blockchain adoption expands

You may recall that the mainnet has first broken one million transactions on July 3rd.

The continued increase in the number of transactions is showing more extended adoption of blockchain solutions for VeChain’s clients.

These are applying the blockchain technology in order to improve real-world logistics and delivery systems as well.

During a recent eight-hour marathon AMA, the company said that its partnership with Walmart China is a blueprint for the future:

“The successful cooperation between VeChain and Walmart China, first and foremost, indicates that traditional companies are willing to use public blockchains. Secondly, blockchains in the future will most likely be a mixture of public blockchain and private blockchain, depending on the use case,” according to Vechain.

And thirdly, they say that via the partnership with PwC in order to empower Walmart China’s Food Safety Traceability Platform, “we have not only provided this solution to Walmart China consumers but also established contacts with Walmart China’s suppliers.”

These achievements are expected to boost VET’s price as well.


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